Rituals in Paganyaw House–Building: A Case Study of Ban Mae Kong Kha, Mae Sariang District, Mae Hong Son Province

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Chaipat Ngambutsabongsophin


This article has the objective to studies rituals in Paganyaw house–building through a case study of Ban Mae Kong Kha, Mae Sariang district, Mae Hong Son Province. The study was conducted through interviews of village elders and the local experts in house–building in this village, as well as a literature review of the local culture and society. The study found that house–building rituals, highly respected by locals, are based on the indigenous knowledge to live in harmony with nature, and have the meticulous processes form the starting idea to build a house until the completion of the construction process. Paganyaw house–building rituals include the beliefs to build a new house, the processes to find a good and the right location, the processes to choose and prepare construction materials, the pillar lifting, the building processes, as well as the direction of access and the processes to build a Paganyaw stove. These rituals were corresponded to the relationship between village people, as well as their respect and management of natural resources. Paganyaw house–building rituals thus come from a deep understanding of context, as well as the peaceful co-existence with nature. The good relationship between the villagers and the adherence of beliefs in Ban Mae Kong Kha are factors that can preserve rituals in Paganyaw house–building in the future.



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