Local Leadership in The 21st Century

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พระพลากร สุมงฺคโล (อนุพันธ์) พระครูปริยัติ วรเมธี สยามพร พันธไชย พระมหาไทยน้อย สลางสิงห์


Changes in the 21st century is going to continue the social, economic, political, as well as the local administration as well. Organizations need to protect sovereignty and social. Executives with high leadership will lead the organization successfully and fulfill its mission. Must know how to handle a greater variety. Changes to rapid technological globalization. Leadership needs to be decided more quickly. Understanding the development of new approaches to accept the innovations that changed in a good way. Understandable and accessible to more  people. And can lead to a variety of concepts to define a common strategy even further. Good leaders must be equipped with the intelligent. Building relationships between individuals is subordinate. To the idea of others to honor colleagues. A good decision Love justice. Knowledge and wisdom throughout the emotional maturity as well. Are monitored regularly as the brave concession. Virtues of the principle that a liberal mind. A knowledgeable partner with integrity.



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