The pattern of water resource management in Thailand

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Saowanww Wijitkosum Thavivongse Sriburi


Water is an indispensable resource for people to live and develop. The increase of water demand, due to the population growth, the rapid growth of spatial development and economic etc., cause the water shortages. These problems effect violently especially in developing country as Thailand, which reflect the present development and water resource problems.

        Thailand, up till now, the water resource management had been adopted over 40 years; in the period of time water resource management patterns have been put as effort to be more efficient. Many patterns such as water supply development, water demand management and integrated water resource management, which is expected to be the solution of water resource of Thailand, have been applied. However, these previous patterns have had limitation that become the obstacle of the successful water management due to the former approach about water resource problems and the hydrological-base approach that ignore the integration and systematic approach. Moreover, the correspondence organizations do not cooperate their policy and integrate their action plan that effect on systematic water management. Furthermore, the database management without the systematic connection, the public participation, water-use efficiency, non-integrated policy and rapid growth of economic without concerning of water assets, these cause the rapid rate of water consumption whereas the water assets is limited. This is able to conclude that unless the water shortage is caused by the geography of the area, the approach of water resource, water resource management pattern and the guideline of spatial development are also the reason.



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