Demand for the People’s Participation in the Administration of the Sub-district Administrative Organization in Payakapumpisai District, Mahasarakham Province

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Nipon Kwansoo Alongkorn Akkasang Supasawad Chardchawarn



This is an integrated study mixed with qualitative and quantitative research methods aiming to 1) explore the demand for the people’s participation in the administration of the sub-district administrative organizations (SAO) in Payakapumpisai district, Maha Sarakham province; and 2) look for the useful suggestions from the local people regarding the demand of the people’s participation in the target area. In  this study, the quantitative data was obtained from a group of 399 local people living in Payakapumpisai district that were chosen by proportional random sampling and the qualitative data was collected from 30 key informants consisting of the OTOP staff, Community Cooperative staff, the sub-district heads, the village headmen, and the inventive Buddhist monks that were selected by purposive sampling. Two types of research tools i.e. the questionnaire and the focused-group interview form were used for the data collection to find the related statistical value including percentage mean score, and standard deviation, together with content analysis. The outcome indicated that 1) the participants mutually had a high demand for their participation in all issues of the SAO’s administration that could be ranged by their rating scores in descending order as follows: problem analysis, decision-making, problem-solving, sharing benefits from the project, and assessment and evaluation on project’s achievement; 2) The participants suggested that the primary aim of the people’s participation was “Destination” and “Direction”; the decision should be made on choices for the developmental policy and planning; the policy issuance as well as project planning and operation should engage the local people’s decision; and the people should be one of the stakeholders that were allowed to investigate the administration and transparency of all missions under the SAOs. Keywords: People’s Participation, Administration



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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences