Local Government Organizations in Kalasin Province with Improving Saving Behaviors of the Middle-Aged People in Preparation for AgingSociety

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Naphat Soichit Nitiya Khophai



The major aims of the research was to analyze the current conditions of saving behaviors of middle-age people in local communities in Kalasin province and to develop strategies for improving saving behavior of the middle-aged people in Kalasin province. The research was divided into two phases. Phase 1 focused on analyzing the current conditions of saving behavior of the middle-aged-people in communities in Kalasin province. The data of saving behavior was collected from the middle-aged people in Kalasin province by questionnaires and from document study. Phase 2 focused on designing and developing strategies for improving saving behavior of the middle-age people in Kalasin through workshop of experts, delegates from public sectors and communities, and Saving learning activities were organized by the officers of office of
Kalasin Agricultural Cooperatives for three hundred and ninety 35-60 year old participants. They were selected by the simple random sampling technique from15,071 target population. The instrument was a questionnaire. The statistics used was the percentage. Results of the research were as follows: 1. The study showed that 86.15% of the respondents did not plan for saving. 84.10% of the respondents did not make income and expense account, and 81.03% of them did not plan before spending money. 84.87% of the middle-aged people deposited 1000 bath in the bank. 90.51% of the respondents deposited money in the bank monthly . 35.64 of them have deposited money in the bank for 7-9 years. 23.08
of them deposited money for paying debts. 95.64% of the respondents deposited money in the agricultural cooperative bank. 69.72% of the respondents withdrew money for paying their debts. 2. The research findings indicated that the strategies for improving saving behavior of the middle-aged people consisted of knowledge development of saving behavior, practical application of the Principles of economy sufficiency, career training. family accounting training and establishing network of saving fund and social welfare in communities. 3. The findings revealed that the middle-ages people have applied the strategies for their daily life such as growing vegetables for family members, garbage management, producing organic fertilizer, making a household product: washing liquid. The middle-age people have changed their consumption behavior by growing vegetables for their family members and they reduced some expenses. Lastly, the study indicated that the middle-age people realized the importance of saving. Keyword : local of Kalasin Province, Empowering Savings, Middle Age, Preparedness, Aging Social



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