The Role of the Community Leaders in Tambon Sakoo, Amphoe Suwannaphum, Roi-Et Province during 2013 – 2015

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Kittisak Srisan Nattakant Akarapongpisak Vinai Vinai



This qualitative study aimed to 1) the roles of the sub-district headman and the village headman (Ban Nongwa) in developing Tambon Sakoo in Amphoe Suwannaphum, Roi-Et province following the Act of Sub-District Council and Sub-District Administrative Organization B.E.2537 (including the 3rd revision of the act of B.E.2542) during a period of 2013 - 2015; 2) the cooperation between these community leaders and the Sakoo Sub-district Administrative Organization during the same period; and 3) inspect the problems and obstructions in the cooperation between the community leaders and the organization. The data was collected from the related documents and the interview. The previous research papers were analyzed to construct the concept and framework to describe the roles of the community leaders. The findings affirmed that 1) the sub-district headman and the village headman (Ban Nongwa) takes their roles as the state agent to cooperate with the sub-district administrative organization to strengthen the community mechanism, design the community development plan, promote the community mechanism amongst the members and encourage them to learn from the local wisdom elites, encourage the members to join the career promotion group, terminate the conflicts over the community natural resource and environment management; using the sufficiency economy projects to promote the community’s identity, apply their ideas to develop the village with different activities e.g. finding the markets for the career promotion group, promoting the local wisdom, constructing the community network, offering the educational trip, empowering the village with the community learning center, and supporting the local traditions; 2) they also cooperate with the sub-district administrative organization and providing the information about the community development projects e.g. developing the infrastructure, doing the public hearing for the projects such as the local welfare, career promotion, and budget initiatives for the river development; and 3) the
subs-district administrative organization does not allow these community leaders to join the making of the community development plan and budget distribution. Keywords: Role of Community Development, Cooperation, Problem and Obstruction



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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences