Facebook Page: The New Media in Provincial Public Relations Office

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Ratanada Ardwichai Prat Weesaphen



New media is the creation of channels or tools that create the communication between senders and receivers by communicating content, images, audio and text in social media. New media plays a role in communication as journalism. It is important not only for businesses but also for government organizations because the tools and the channels can provide information and create the relationship in all sectors of the
organization by providing information, creating and reinforcing a positive and trustworthy image and persuading value. The social media that is commonly used with the main website is Facebook, and it is found that many government organizations use Facebook Page. The top three were Thailand Postal Service with a fan page of 400,485, followed by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority with the number of 338,452 fan page and US Embassy with 278,240 fan page. Interestingly, the Royal Thai Air Force, Pracharath Network and the ministry of foreign affairs all use Facebook Pages to promote their organizations. Keywords: Facebook Page, New Media, Provincial Public Relations Office



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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences