Political Discourses in Isan Stone Inscriptions

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Mudjalin Luksanawong



This purpose of this article was to analyze political discourses in Isan Stone Inscriptions during Tai - Lao reign from the view of critical linguistics in order to explain relations between the stone inscriptions and the contexts of society through language.From the study, it was found that the outstanding characteristics of the language used to create political discourses in Isan Stone Inscriptions were character styles, tradition of stone inscription creations, word choices, andsentence constructions which showed structural relations. On the other hand, the contents of the discourses reflexed construction of power and producing of righteousness in society of people from 3 groups; kings and noblemen who were the most powerful people in society, monks, and citizen. Relations in the manner of power between these three groups of people also portrayed relations of powerbetween human and human, and between human and beliefs. These power relations were not directly presented but were implied within contents which needed to be decoded and interpreted. Moreover, context of society in those periods had to be considered as guidelines for the analysis as well. Keywords : Discourse, Stone Inscriptions, Isan



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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences