Transnational Migrant Studies: Case Study “Cambodian Students that have gotten Sirindhorn’s Scholarship at Mahasarakham University”

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Hem Samphos



This article aims to study the ways of transnational migrant and social network of Khmer Student that get Sirindhorn’ Scholarship at Mahasarakham University. The mains point of study need to understand the everyday life practice, communication, relationship, social network, and advantages that students have gotten in study period and graduated for finding some strategies to follow up the project. This study, writer uses 2 approaches such as Transnational Migration Studies and Tactics of Everyday LifePractices. The results of study showed that Cambodian students have some problems in their study in the first time such as using Thai language, participating activities, doing assignment and registering etc. For daily of life, they can’t adapt with Thai foods well because of ingredients (chilly food and low quality of rice). One more, the dormitory is one problem that they feel stress because they need to live with other students. The last one is friend relationship, some Cambodian students don’t contact with Thai friends because they have Cambodian students in Classroom and they feel their Thai language not well. Hence, they don’t want to speak with them. For the adaptation in Culture is the last problem that Cambodian students have faced too. However, the advantages from that scholarship build their knowledge capacity experience and good future, especially the social network of relationship. Key Words: Transnational Migration Studies, Tactics in Everyday Life Practice



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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences