Activities enhancing quality of life model development for the aging in Loei Province

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Patthira Phon-ngam



The Objectives of this research were : (1) to study the current situation and problems of quality of life promotion for aging in Loei province, (2) to develop the activities enhancing quality of life models for aging in Loei province by the public participation approach, and (3) to implement the quality of life promotion activity models Mixed methodologies of mainly with the qualitative approaches and a supported quantitative
approach and participatory action research was used in the study comprised the focus group discussion, the meeting for group brainstorming, in-depth interviews and participating observation. About qualitative research, the study used the questionnaire and health y surveys. The quantitative research the population was 88,084 aging in the Loei province . The samples size was sampled by using the Yamana formula. The samples were 400 agings was selected by stratified random sampling . Qualitative research the target group included aging in the community who could have well – interaction and being able to participate with the proposed activities. The group comprised the leader of the  community, public healthy volunteers. Quantitative data analysis uses basic statistics, percentage frequencies, qualitative data analysis by content analysis The results of the research were as follows : 1. The study of the current situation and problems of quality of life promotion for aging in Loei province found that the village still did in various fields, including health, the promotion of exercise. The promotion of dance aerobics every day to determine the oral health, dental and mental health., depression assessment , self-assessment The operation on the other side to cooperate with other agencies, such as municipalities. 2. The results of developing the activities enhancing quality of life models for aging in Loei province could be showed in 4 models. : physical model , social model, cultural model and economic model . 3. The result of implementation of developing the activities enhancing quality of life models by the participatory action in all sectors of the community for six months. The model of Physical model consisted of the following activities: 1) physical exercise, 2) games, and 3) training on the knowledge of healthy promotion . Social model consisted of: 1) study visit on aging group activities, 2) day for the aging 3) family day. Cultural model consisted of: 1) religious day meeting, 2) 9-temple worship activity, 3) Thai new year party and economic model consisted of 1) sandalwood flowers training, 2) herb product training, and 3) sweet and snack training Keywords: Quality of life, Quality of life Promotion , Activity Models, Aging



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