The Importance of Environmental Interpretation Skill of Marine Tour Guide in Marine Tour Operator

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The key to marine tourism is natural resources, whether it be the abundance of coral reefs, the diversity of marine life, or the cleanliness of the sea. The level of understanding regarding environmental awareness and protection has recently improved, among tour operators and tourists alike. There is increasing evidence of environmental education posts on social media and the widespread condemnation of people who are guilty of misconduct and causing damage to public marine ecosystem.

For these reasons, this article recognizes the necessity to analyze the importance of environmental interpretation skills for the modern marine tour guide. The writing analysis of this article is done based on related literature and the experience of participating in tour guide training certification programs for eight batches in Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi provinces. The analysis is supplemented by direct observations from inspections of marine tour operations in Phuket. The article points out that many marine tour guides nowadays focus on informing tourists about activities, times, places, and equipment, but neglect environmental education and interpretation. In addition to this, the study found that there were also problems with a general lack of skills, techniques, and awareness regarding good environmental interpretation. 



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