A Study of Relationship Between Learning Style Leadership and Public Minds of Students in Higher Education Institutions in Bangkok

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Manasanan Hatthasak


This research aims to for the relationship between personal information Leadership Styles
and Public Minds of Students. Create a public minds predictors of undergraduate students. The
population is students in higher education institutions in Bangkok. An example is the number
of student groups, 400 people in the academic year 2559 from 4 higher Education Institutions.
With the simple random sampling instruments was a questionnaire reliability. 929, Statistical
analysis, percentage, average. And the standard deviation coeffi cient of correlation. Multiple
regression analysis. The results showed that the correlation coeffi cient of correlation among
variables ranged between .699-.002, the weight of importance of the factors that could predict
the public mind with statistical signifi cance at the 0.05 level of 6 variables. The model of
participant style, independent style, cooperative style, dependence style on leadership, inspiration
style and intellectual style, stimulation resulted in positive. Predictors of public consciousness.
The predictive equation 53.9 created by the situation in the standardized score as follows
Ž = .257(Zparticipant style) + .175(Zindependent style) + .135(Zinspiration style) + .230(Zdependence style)
+ .094(Zintellectual style) +.096(Zcooperative style)


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Hatthasak, M. (2018). A Study of Relationship Between Learning Style Leadership and Public Minds of Students in Higher Education Institutions in Bangkok. KASALONGKHAM RESEARCH JOURNAL, 12(1), 139-150. Retrieved from https://tci-thaijo.org/index.php/ksk/article/view/132537


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