Taking Care and Promoting Elderly Health to Have Good Quality of Life

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ศิริวรรณ ชอบธรรมสกุล


Nowadays Thailand is facing to aged society. In the year 2021, Thailand will become a complete aged society so the elderly must be taken care. This article relates to show the important of elderly health care and health promotion. How to take care for the elderly needs to integrate of all sectors. Government must prepare everything to support aged society such as organize basic public utilities for the elderly. The elderly family has to learn and understand about health problems, the changing of physical, mental and social of the elderly.

Likewise the elderly must adapt and open mind for new things in society. How to take care and promote elderly health must be holistic care, physical mental and social in the same time. These are 10 principles to do about (1) Food (2) Residence (3) Exercise (4) Accident prevention (5) Health (6) Relaxing (7) Emotional management (8) Creating humor (9) Hobby and (10) Adaptation the environment in order to have good quality of life and the best core of society.


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