An Analysis of Occupational, Safety and Environmental Management: A Case Study of a Petrochemical and Distillation Industry in Rayong Province

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ทิวาพร สุระพล จุฑารัตน์ ชมพันธุ์


The objective of this research is to study effecting factors to the occupational safety and environmental management system and to offer guidance for improvement. Data were corrected through In-Depth interview, observation and documental review. Key informants were management executive, contactor, local communities and government agencies. This research are qualitative research which applying the principle of Balanced Scorecard consists of four criteria including; effectiveness, stakeholder, management, learning and development.

The study found that for management: perspective; the executives pay great attention to occupational safety and environmental system and possess a good policy and vision towards it. the employees have sufficient knowledge to perform their jobs. The budget is sufficient. The monitoring and evaluation systems are also set up as routine works. For stakeholder perspective; interested parties, employees, local communities and government sectors get involved in the organization is activities. For education development; the company raises the employees’ awareness of the importance of knowledge and utilizes technology within the organization. For effectiveness, the company has clear goals and employees, contractors and government sectors are satisfied with the company’s performance. The company also considered its problems and set up them as the company’s targets for continue improvement.


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