Thai Massage of Low Back Pain Treatment: A Case Study of Folk Healer in Songkhla Province

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Nobphawan Buatum Manussanun Roengsanthia Siriporn Jarukitsakul Kochakorn Sukjan Inthanuchit


     This qualitative research is conducted to reveal the traditional knowledge for low back pain treatment using massage technique performed by a folk healer, who lives in Songkhla province, and is compared the massage line with the anatomical positions. Information was collected through in-depth interviews, participant and non-participant observations and digital motion video recording. Results were analyzed by descriptive statistics. In October 2016, the most frequency symptom of musculoskeletal disorders’ patients was low back pain. The treatment was started by observing the patients’ walking posture and examining their body by especially focusing on their low back pain. The folk healer give massage whole body with a technique of bone-peeling massage. Stress massage on 3 line of back muscles including Spinalis muscle, Longissimus muscle and Iliocostalis muscle a bone adjustment of Thoracolumbar vertebral were done using an arrow-shooting posture. Therefore, using the massage as well as bone adjustment may case the relaxation of the muscle and improve the balanced
of body structure, which could reduce the low back pain.


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