The Knowledge, Understanding and Waste Management Behavior of Population in the Area of Trang Municipality, Trang Province

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Wattananarong Markphan Piyawan Nuengmatcha Pimporn Markphan Saowalak Roongtawanreongsri


     The purposes of this research were to study knowledge, understanding and people’s behaviors of solid waste management in Trang municipality, Trang province. Research samplings were 400 households.
Questionnaires were used as research tool. Data analysis was done by using Statistical Package for the Social
Sciences (SPSS) and descriptive analysis. Statistics uses were percentage and mean values. The research results were found that the knowledge and understanding of waste management were in general ranked at the high level (90.54 %). However, people had inappropriate behaviors of waste management. They lacked methods of waste discarding. To solve such problem, the researchers provided knowledge of classifying and recycling waste so that waste management can be appropriate and efficient.

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