Cross- Border Tourism Development Strategy for Dan Singkhon, Prachaup Khiri Khan Province

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Nitikorn Muangsornkhiaw Attama Nilnoppakun Narin Sungrugsa


This study aimed to investigate Dan Singkhon’s potentials in developing to a tourism destination and tourists’ needs in Dan Singkhon tourism in order to propose a tourism development strategy for Dan Singkhon, Prachaup Khiri Khan Province. Since there are various tourism stakeholders in tourism development process, mixed methods were applied to collect data. In-depth interview was applied to 20 key informants who were government agencies responsible in tourism development at local and provincial levels and questionnaire was used to collect data from tourists visiting Dan Singkhon (n= 400). Data was analyzed using content analysis and SWOT analysis, and then TOWS matrix was used to organize a tourism development strategy for Dan Singkhon. The main proposed strategy includes; precipitating Dan Singkhon policy in upgrading to permanent border, upgrading CIQ (custom, immigration and quarantine) process, improving Dan Singkhon landscape into a landmark that can tell history of Dan Singkhon, providing a duty free shop and extending tourists’ facilities.

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Nitikorn Muangsornkhiaw

Faculty of Management Science Silpakorn University

Attama Nilnoppakun

Faculty of Management Science Silpakorn University

Narin Sungrugsa

Faculty of Management Science Silpakorn University


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