A Model of Learning Resources Management for Basic Education Schools of the Secondary Educational Service Area in the Lower Northern Provinces Cluster 1

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The purposes of this study were 1) to study conditions of learning resource management, 2) to create a model of learning resource management, and 3) to evaluate possibilities of applying the model of learning resource management in basic education schools. The samples used to study the conditions were the administrators and the teachers working at the basic education schools under the secondary educational service area in the lower northern province cluster one. The number of the participants was 558. The model was created by 9 specialists through focus group. In addition, the possibilities of applying the model was ermined by 30 practitioners including, deputy directors, and heads of academic, general administration, personnel, and budget section. The results were found that, in general, the level of the conditions of learning resource management in basic education schools under the secondary educational service area in the lower northern province cluster one was high. After creating the model in accordance with the opinions of the specialists, there were improvements on many aspects; that is, having PDCA process, prioritizing each practical step clearly by setting all sectors involved in learning resource management implementing projects and activities using learning resources setting a schedule to follow up, making use of resultant evaluation for improvement and getting it published to those concerned. In general, the results of evaluating the possibilities of applying the model of learning resource management to the basic education schools under the secondary educational service area in the lower northern province cluster one were found at a high level.



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